1. Raise the visibility of transportation productivity and efficiency to the level of a national cause.
  2. Provide the foundation for sound investment through our Freight Transportation Lifecycle Project.
  3. Bring consciousness and clear strategy to Freight Transportation Land Use.
  4. Invigorate the rail industry’s approach to government relations, in light of the true contribution of railroads.
  5. Lead the rail industry, shippers, government and citizens to finally get on the same page about the importance of railroads.
  6. Shift from highway-oriented system to an optimal multi-modal transport system.
  7. Enroll the rail industry of the tremendous upside of an industry-wide national growth strategy.
  8. Transform public sector planning with OTNA’s Transportation Action Planning to apply metrics, targets, commitments and action plans.
  9. Connect the funding and conduct of academic research to in-the-field needs and applications.
  10. Convene stakeholder engagement that constructively surface previous issues and create openings for progress.
  11. Address systemic impediments to capital investment in the build-out of new rail lines and facilities.
  12. Unleash the hundreds of billions of dollars in private-sector dollars currently sitting on the sidelines.
  13. Scales up the best practices in public/private sector planning and investment through the entire nation’s infrastructure planning network.

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