Companies in the transportation sector don’t readily see the benefits of collaboration and are often suspicious of government efforts. Government-sponsored transportation planning entities that focus within their jurisdictions miss opportunities for productive interagency and interstate cooperation, and have difficulty engaging knowledgeably and productively with the private sector. Citizens and their community and environmental advocacy organizations are suspicious of projects and programs to improve freight transportation.

OTNA’s Regional Stakeholder Convening method allows transportation planning agencies, infrastructure management agencies, legislators, transportation providers, shippers, business people and citizens to confront and overcome obstacles to effective collaboration. Pinpointing the conflicts and bridging the gaps makes it possible to agree on actions that will stimulate the economy, improve the environment and the quality of community life, enhance the safety of freight and passenger movement, and leverage the productive use of regional resources. We are in discussions with agencies, foundations, and state government staff in Philadelphia and California to gather support and commitment to initiate these critically important consulting engagements for meeting metropolitan and state transportation challenges.

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