OnTrackNorthAmerica is convening stakeholders across the United States (and then Canada and Mexico) to reach agreement on the economic, financial, environmental, and social measures and goals for national, regional, and local investments in freight and passenger transportation infrastructure.


To date, the development of measures and cost-benefit analysis in the transportation field has focused on the individual project level, not the whole-system level. In a world of limited resources (i.e. natural, environmental, spatial, and financial), individual projects can only be analyzed and conceived coherently if we know what they are meant to accomplish as part of a complete system. For capital investment in infrastructure to be beneficial and profitable, we have to develop and agree on a set of measures and goals to guide these major investments.

Once these national level measures and goals are established, they can be applied to regional and local investment plans, so that individual projects can be developed purposefully and productively.

Project Timeline

The National Benefits Project is co-led by OnTrackNorthAmerica and Cisco Systems, Inc.

  • Done.

    Develop a comprehensive draft document of measures of benefits from investments in freight transportation infrastructure.

  • Scheduled for Q1-2016.

    Convene an online Intelliconference for generating and facilitating stakeholder input.

  • Q2-3 2016

    Conduct three in-person national events that facilitate stakeholders moving toward consensus around a set of values and measures.

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