OTNA is advancing a set of initiatives based on twenty-two years of targeted research across the transportation arena that are designed to transform how we measure, plan, and invest in transportation systems. Together, they represent a new level of whole systems, difference-making activities needed from nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike to address the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century.

Rail Carload IntelliConference

There are many intelligent individuals in industry, government, and the community. What is typically missing are the forums and methods for those individuals to interact thoughtfully, productively, and collaboratively to advance improvements to everyone’s benefit.
OTNA is launching this initial seven-month stakeholder dialogue for framing out the issues, identifying the opportunities, and charting a collaborative path forward.

National Transportation Lifecycle Costs and Benefits Project

NTLCBP facilitates national consensus on a full set of lifecycle measures and data to ensure that future transportation decisions lead to an intelligent return on investment. NTLCBP will benefit the full spectrum of stakeholders – from investment banks to local communities. OTNA is partnering with computer networking giant Cisco Systems, Inc. in leading this project.

State Transportation Plan Analysis

Since Congress passed the federal transportation bill, MAP-21, in 2012, which mandated performance-based planning across the land, OTNA reviews the latest state transportation plans for their adoption of performance-based planning elements. OTNA staff and volunteers grade these plans in order to monitor and guide the progress of OTNA’s Initiatives for transforming transportation planning across the country.

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