The North American Freight Forum is an innovation in multi-stakeholder interaction for generating new thinking, alignment, and sustainable opportunity in freight transportation.

As society shifts in shape and priorities, so must the infrastructure that moves its goods. The complex decision making processes that will ultimately build a sustainable, economically robust, 21st-century infrastructure demands a transformed method of interaction between industry, government and community.

The North American Freight Forum, and its drivetrain, Intelliconference, is an innovative multi-stakeholder dialogue system which serves as roundtable for multiple freight transportation stakeholders to think, plan and act together.

The Intelliconference is a consciously moderated process, that first guides participants through an exploration of commonalities. The result of that exploration provides a more useful foundation for participants to then analyze their points of contention.  Such interactions lay bare the dilemmas that gridlock our present planning systems, and inspire opportunities for leveraging the group’s collective intelligence to design ground-breaking solutions together. Intelliconference’s output are action plans, supported by accountability deadlines.

Logistically speaking, Intelliconference offers unprecedented efficiency for its participants. All or most participation is online and asynchronous, negating the need for time and energy consuming travel.

To further help define this novel system of interaction, it may be useful to state what Intelliconference is NOT: The predictable trade show or conference, featuring classroom-model PowerPoint presentations — followed by lively dinner conversations that spark interesting or innovative thinking… All of which dissipates by the time everyone is working through their Monday morning emails.

The North American Freight Forum is built to turn those sparks of insight and refine them into a source  of energy.

The North American Freight Forum is a collaborative project founded by Dan Elliott, former chairman of the Surface Transportation Board, and Michael Sussman, president of OTNA and Strategic Rail Finance.

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