Connect Rail Nevada is a 2020 initiative funded by the Nevada Department of Transportation to prepare an innovative state rail plan that brings together a wide range of influencers from business, government and community.  OnTrackNorthAmerica was contracted to conduct a Stakeholder IntelliConference to help synthesize the knowledge and ideas of all participants. The videos below were created to orient invitees to the subject matter of Connect Rail Nevada and the IntelliConference process.

Intro to Connect Rail Nevada

Intro to IntelliConference Process

Blueprint for Action

There’s a vast gap between a state rail plan as required by the U.S. Federal Rail Administration, and a state rail plan that can actually be executed. The former is a bureaucratic necessity. The executable plan, on the other hand, demands ongoing stakeholder interaction as to assigning stewardship — in other words, who will be responsible for making the plan a reality?

The Blueprint for Action draws a clear distinction between bureaucratic form fulfillment and what it really takes to move a state’s freight transportation network toward increased economic opportunity and reducing its carbon output, and other negative environmental impacts.

Read the Blueprint For Action in the PDF download.

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