OnTrackNorthAmerica is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit* action think tank for the sustainable optimization of our continent’s freight transport system in service to the economy, environment, and quality of life.

DSCF3607 72 BridgesOnTrackNorthAmerica’s initiatives for whole-systems infrastructure planning are designed to:

  • Support the optimization of all transport modes within a balanced freight logistics system, by gathering all available data, studies and experience.
  • Advance coordination and collaboration among industry, government, and community.
  • Build the next generation of transportation lifecycle benefit/cost analysis to develop clear, functional measures for future planning and investing in transportation infrastructure.
  • Lead the implementation of freight transportation land use strategies.
  • Reverse the decline of direct rail service.
  • Expand investment in sustainable freight transportation.
  • Implement a new model for transportation planning: Transportation Action Planning.
  • Augment competition for individual gain with coordination and collaboration in the best interests of the community.

*View our IRS 501(c)(3) designation letter

Operating Principles

These principles are the foundation of OnTrackNorthAmerica’s independence and value as a facilitator of new collaborative thinking.

  • Objectivity

    OnTrackNorthAmerica does not accept financial sponsorships that require prioritization of individual business agendas over common interests.

  • Inclusivity

    OnTrackNorthAmerica will invite representation from all involved stakeholder groups.

  • Balance

    OnTrackNorthAmerica facilitates dialogues wherein all participants’ perspectives are appreciated.

  • Nonpartisanship

    OnTrackNorthAmerica will not contribute to political campaigns, thereby maintaining the autonomy and integrity of a nonpartisan entity.

  • Common Interests

    OnTrackNorthAmerica will work to create better policy, programs, and planning whereby individual projects are funded only in concert with advancement of system-wide productivity.

  • Coordination and Collaboration

    OnTrackNorthAmerica will advance the integration of collaboration with competition. ‘Effective service to the marketplace’ is a more productive public policy principle than ‘maximizing competition.’

  • Whole System Growth

    OnTrackNorthAmerica believes that the growth of effective transportation systems is enhanced by supporting the smallest as well as the largest transportation users and providers. OnTrackNorthAmerica supports the utilization of all transport modes within a sound multimodal system.


OnTrackNorthAmerica is honored to work with a variety of highly skilled, insightful, and dedicated participants.


Michael Sussman

President and Founder
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Ken Youmans

Associate Director


Mike Koontz

Triple Bottom Line Freight BCA Project Team Leader


Alexandra Boss

Collaboration and Office Manager

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