For A Sustainable Civilization
Convening Stakeholders to Redesign Industrial Activity and Supply Chains

For A Sustainable Civilization

“Increased federal and private infrastructure spending is exacerbating the inefficiencies in our supply chains. We need to think and invest at a multidimensional level that guides where we site new facilities, how we transport goods, and where we move material to and from. Our only path to sustainability is to move as much freight by rail as is logical in better coordination with trucks. Rebalancing our multimodal freight system will deliver cascading benefits to the rest of the economy and the environment. That requires re-thinking supply chainsclear metrics, and inclusive dialogue.”

                                                                                                                                                         Michael Sussman, Founder & CEO

Plan supply chain systems, not just projects.

Effective plans require economic, social and environmental metrics.

It’s time for us to think together.

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