Business and Government have not been designed to create
a balanced, sustainable transportation system.
OnTrackNorthAmerica fills that gap
by convening stakeholders in transportation planning around
metrics, targets, action plans, and commitments.

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OnTrackNorthAmerica’s 13-point Action Plan for expanding rail’s capacity and footprint within a 21st-Century optimal transportation system.

“Our continued underutilization of rail transportation, in spite of its energy, capital, and space efficiency, provides a clear example of how conventional thinking is not serving society.”

– Michael Sussman, President and Founder


Productive transportation investment
requires a new, more effective planning process
Effective plans require
economic, social and environmental metrics.

It’s time for us to think together.

Building on over 20 years of transportation experience,

OnTrackNorthAmerica provides leadership toward a world-class transportation system. We invite you to add your intellectual and financial support to this important work.

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